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"20th of the Month" Event Series

Duration : 3 hours (Start at 7PM ; 8PM on 20 June - The Music Festival)

When : The 20th of each month - May to October (in July: joined with "Thursdays in Malepère" event)

Cost : FREE

Group Size : Open to all

Languages : French, English, Spanish

On the 20th of every month, we pop the corks open of all the wines in our cellar.

Sampling the wine, while sharing good times together is at the heart of the "20th of the Month", an event created for you by Château Belvèze.

From May to October, at the Winery, the Cellar and the Chapel, sometimes with live music, but always in high spirits: we taste the wines from the vat, the barrel or a bottle, accompanied by gourmet specialities.

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