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The Story of the families

From Trencavel to Malafosse

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Trencavel Family

Trencavel family were among the most powerful lords of the time. Beatrix of Béziers, the daughter of the last Trencavel was given the estate of Belvèze, when she married in 1305. She passed it on to her son Guillaume de Las Cases.

Las Cases

The Las Cases family owned the estate of Belvèze from 1317 to 1592. Emanuel de Las Cases who wrote a memoir and accompanied Napoléon to Saint Hélène, returned to the lands of Belvèze to put up a monument in memory of his family.


The Counts Dupuy de Belvèze

This family was present in the area from 1592 to 1899. We owe them the renovation of the castle in 17th century, the creation of the park and the reconstruction of the Chapel of Saint Julien. The last Count of Belvèze, Gustave Dupuy de Belvèze, a member of parliament and a writer, died without descendants in Fanjeaux.

Malafosse Family

Marcel Malafosse purchased Château Belvèze on July 23, 1899. Jean-Claude and his wife Marie-Thérèse spent several decades developing the estate. Guillaume Malafosse carried out the modernization of the winery and vineyards. The adventure continues with Charles Malafosse taking over a winery in Minervois for a few years, bottling Minervois AOC wines from 2019.

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